Chichi Story

Welcome you in the world CHICHI DOG!

A few years ago appeared Bee – my yorkshire terrier. Charming with a smile. Carefree and catchy. Without exception, the ubiquitous Bee won the sympathy of all. We liked spending time together. Thanks to that we understand each other perfectly. Sometimes I dip into this world. I cuddle up to Bee and look in the moment. I am happy with it. I’m looking for inspiration in this carefreeness.

Bee’s care taught me a lot. Thanks to this I was more interested in looking for information on dog’s customs. I advised my friends and cherished their dogs: Dora, Bella, Coco and Bosnia. They helped me better understand the world of dogs and function in symbiosis with it. Then I started working with an animal shelter. I was getting to know this world and knew that I wanted to do it in the future. I focused more attention and commitment to take care of Bee, but also to the care of animals.

Today I combine this knowledge with running a business. I’m a professional groomer. I am so lucky to be able to combine my passion with pleasure. Bee helps me – she is an ambassador of my salon. I could not say no to her … Salon CHICHI DOG specializes in animal care. This is a place where you will find professional service, the option to buy accessories for your dogs and a comprehensive range of spa services. Style combining passion with professionalism. Spontaneity with individual approach to each customer. In simple words, in our salon we take care of the animals.

We warmly invite you to our salon and to contact us!

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„CHICHI (shee-shee) is an English word used in the 1960s in the United Kingdom, meaning chic, elegance, refinement, style and class.”