Spa price list

Comprehensive spa service
  • Yorkshire terrier110 zł
  • Yorkshire terrier – korean style120 zł
  • Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua, Shorthair dachshund80 zł
  • Maltese, Miniature Schnauzer120 zł
  • Shih tzu, miniature poodle, Bichon frize, West highland white terrier, Foksterier130 zł
  • Labrador retriever, Sheltie140 zł
  • Medium poodle, Schnauzer medium160 zł
  • Golden retriever, Flat coated retriever, Cocer spaniel180 zł
  • Cat120 zł

buldogs spa

Bath + combing
  • Bath and combing dogs of small breedsfrom 60 zł
  • Bath and combing dogs of medium breedfrom 80 zł
  • Bath and combing dogs of large breedsfrom 120 zł
Trimming with bath
  • Trimming small dog breedsfrom 160 zł
  • Trimming medium dog breedsfrom 230 zł
  • Trimming large dog breeds300 – 350 zł
Custom-made services
  • Clipping claws10-20 zł
  • Ear Hygiene20 zł
  • First treatment for puppies of decorative breeds until the 5th month (This service aims to familiarize the puppy with the first treatment and includes: getting to know the groomer, first haircut with bath, clipping the claws, and eye and ear cleaning)70 zł