About us

„Let`s do what we love
and do a lot of it!”




My name is Daria Matusiak and I am the owner of CHICHI DOG grooming salon.

Someone once said that if you do what you love, you do not work more than one day in your life. I decided to turn my love of animals into work, and created a place born of true passion. The inspiration for creating the CHICHI DOG salon was also the dogs I met on my way, which you can read on the CHICHI STORY tab.

CHICHI DOG Pet Spa & Fashion Experts is a wonderful team of people who love animals and who enjoy working with them. CHICHI DOG salon is a place where your pet will enjoy the luxury that it deserves. Thanks to our professional team, every customer who comes into the salon becomes CHICHI DOG.

Each dog is like a flower, beautiful and unique, so we treat all dogs with due diligence so they can give their owners even more happiness.